Friday, April 22, 2011

Colon Cleansing

by Nelson, Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop

There are a lot of natural remedies out there. Its good to have so many options, but it is certainly necessary to be discerning about when you will use them. There are natural therapies out there that can and do save lives regularly, but can do harm if used improperly. Let us use the Lower Bowel formula and colonics as an example.

Dr. Christopher taught that you will do more good for the whole body by working on the bowel than you would on any other single system. There is a good reason he said this and why a lot of other people would do the same. I'm sure people would forgive us for being stunned at first when a diabetics blood sugar began to significantly stabilize just after doing a colon cleanse. Or the shock that came when someone reported that the pain in there tooth was helped more with an enema than with handfuls of infection herbs.

So you've probably noticed that we've been pretty zealous in suggesting colon cleansing, but I would like to take a moment to dispel some of the romanticism. I'm sorry to report that you can have a very healthy colon and still be sick. You do want your colon to be in top shape, but it is important not to subject it to excessive purging. Herbs and colonics can be very safe, but they can also be harmful if not used with wisdom and skill. So how do you keep it balanced?

Lets use an extreme example. Earlier in the week we got a call for help from someone with chronic bowel strictures. Her case was a lot like others we've gotten in the past. Images of her colon showed that parts of it were pencil thin, while others were excessively bloated. It was contorted and in great disrepair. It goes without saying that she was incredibly constipated. Fortunately, I've been blessed to know other people who have had her problem, and are now very well off.

In instances like these, herbs will take a long time to get anything done if they are used alone. This is an excellent time to employ enemas or colonics. We usually suggest that enemas not be used unless in emergencies, because they can leave the bowel weak over time and you may end up dependent on them. But they can also be a powerful way to cleanse and nourish.

Sometimes they are better than herbs. Initially, in extreme cases it can take a lot of herbs to do anything. The bowel can be cleansed with cathartic herbs or the lower bowel formula. The woman we worked with earlier was depressed because she was taking 6 caps of an herbal formula without any results. This isn't at all surprising. Sometimes people have had to slowly build up to 12 capsules, sometimes as often as three times a day just to begin to cleanse! Dr. Christopher once had a woman who needed to take 40 capsules before she was able to cleanse. You never start out with doses this high, but gradually build up until you are able to cleanse without harming yourself. This means you discontinue immediately if there is blood in the stools.

In these instances, you are inducing a healing crisis by purging. No more herbs are to be taken for 1-3 days after the initial cleansing. When you are this constipated, you will feel very sick and weak as you cleanse, and you will need to be close to a bathroom during the day. But the good news is after this, you will be able to cleanse using much lower doses of the colon herbs from then on.

You can see that this can be pretty rough on an individual. This is when enemas really shine. They are able to do a lot of cleansing without taxing the individual. They are not able to clean the intestines like the herbs will, but they certainly have advantages in emergencies.

It is not enough to cleanse the bowel when it is that out of shape.

After that, this is where you able to really get some healing done by doing injections. An injection can be done by making a small amount of medicinal tea (such as 8 oz- 16 oz), implanting it like an enema, and retaining it in the bowel for an extended period of time- hours if possible. The individual can go about their normal activities while retaining the implant. If it is not able to be retained, less liquid may be used.

We have used the Yellowdock combination (a.k.a the Iron assimilation formula) or the Complete Tissue and Bone formula as implants when the bowel is misshapen. It may also be used as a douche. I have been impressed with the yellowdock combination when there is a prolapsed uterus, bladder or other organ when properly used.

What we are doing is toning the bowel, promoting the healing of the tissue and healing of any wounds. The colon does have the capacity to return to its original shape. But it will call for reasonable cleansing and nourishing. We caution people not to be too zealous cleansing the colon. Excessive purging over a period of months will end up causing a prolapse, one of the very problems you are trying to avoid. When someone's vitality is greatly lowered from excessive cleansing, you stop all of it and focus on nourishing.

It goes without saying that the pills and potions are no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Don't eat any constipating foods when you are ill, such as meat or dairy products (especially cheese). Even if you are able to maintain regularity by taking laxatives, you will still eventually have a sagging bowel from an aggravating diet and long term purging.

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Friday, April 15, 2011


by Nelson, Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop

A woman from Emmington Wyoming once came to visit Dr. Christopher. She came into his office on 2 canes, because of bad hemorrhoids. She had two hemerrhoidectomies performed on her. Although she was still ill, they wouldn't operate a third time because there wouldn't be 'enough tissue left to crotchet with, let alone sew it back together.'

Her hemorrhoids were hanging out 6 inches. These need to be inserted and held in place. Dr. Christopher took care of this, then told her to take 1 tsp of cayenne three times a day. Every evening she was to use 2 kinds of suppositories before retiring for bed. One was to be a regular garlic clove, inserted as far as possible. The other was a white oak bark suppository.

He told her to mix the white oak bark powder with glycerin, then put into the refrigerator until hardened. It wasn't especially critical to follow a recipe, but to just mix the two until a doughy consistency was achived, then hardened in the refrigerator. These were then to be inserted as well before retiring. She followed through on the program, and within six weeks was healed.

When lecturing, Dr. Christopher often would quote this story:

"The oak bark is astringent. It starts rebuilding the calcium deficiency in that area. As an astringent, it starts pulling it in tighter, and making it up to a firmer area. Within a month to a month in a half, we have had results of these going back up into place, and staying. The garlic moves in and gives healing, because it is a healing herb, but it also kills any infection while the oak bark rebuilds the calcium deficiency." [Dr. Christopher's Herbal Seminars, 1-4]

The cayenne is also a calcium rich herb for promoting healthy arteries. It is not only used to assist the body in rebuilding the arteries, but it also stops the bleeding. Dr. Christopher had another experience while traveling giving his herbal lectures. "I traveled with a man younger than myself several years ago all over the western part of the United States on business. He marveled at the stamina that an older man could have on long drives without displaying the usual fatigue. Each morning I would get up and have my cayenne and my wheat germ oil (I don't pay attention to anyone else, I just take them, regardless). Finally he got curious and said, "What's that stuff?" So I gave him an illustrative lecture, and he responded, "Well, I have hemorrhoids; my mother died of high blood pressure, and I have high blood pressure; and with the hemorrhoids I have to wear a belt, as you probably noticed, to keep my hemorrhoids up in place. Do you think that (meaning cayenne) will help?" "Not unless you take it," I replied. "Well, I will start taking it." Then I added, "I don't think you're man enough; I don't think you are brave enough," and I turned and walked away. Now, he was well-proportioned and a weight lifter, so after I left, he went over and got into my can and started using the cayenne along with the wheat germ oil, and by spring he did not have to wear a belt any longer as his hemorrhoids were cleared. Then he had an amazing surprise when he went to his doctor for a regular check-up; the doctor took his blood pressure three or four times and said, "This is supposed to be progressively worse. I don't know what has happened; your systolic and diastolic are near perfect. You don't need to come back any longer --I don't know what happened!" Well, he did not have to go back, and today this gentleman who lives in the Salt Lake City area has no high blood pressure, for he kept on taking his cayenne." [SNH p.412]

When asked why the cayenne would stop bleeding, Dr Christopher responded "The cayenne equalizes the bloodstream from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet." [Dr. Christopher's Herbal Seminars, 1-4] This prevents the body from increasing the blood pressure in the injured area, which would otherwise result in increased bleeding. If the hemorrhoids are bleeding, it will not be difficult at all to stop it.

To no one's surprise, Dr. Christopher also taught that hemorrhoids could be the result of constipation. In his newsletters he wrote: "Another serious area for leaching (of calcium) is the bowel area, where old fecal matter has accumulated. The body tried to remove the impaction by draining as much fluid from the body as it can. There is generally enough fluid to cause a bowel movement, but the liquid which is left absorbs the sugar. It then feeds into the veins and leaches out the tensile strength of the veins in the lower bowel area. When straining for a bowel movement, the veins have more pressure exerted, and in turn, the weak walls break and result in a varicose condition called piles or hemorrhoids." [NL 2-10]

"In the case of hemorrhoids we suggest the following: Number ONE: eliminate constipation. Use the lower bowel formula along with the mucusless diet and drink plenty of water." [NL 4-2]

There are a lot of different traditional remedies used for hemorrhoids.

Regardless of which ones are used, we recommend the following: Get on a supportive diet (one that won't weaken the bowel area). Cleanse the area with any necessary colon cleansing, disinfecting with appropriate herbs, etc. Finally, rebuild the area with supportive nutrition, toning the area up with the appropriate herbs and heal.

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NOTICE: All information in this newsletter is given out as information only and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe.