Friday, June 25, 2010

Restoring Hair Color

by Nelson - Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop

Full head of hair, bright color and silky soft!

Many people today seem to have complaints related to their hair. Today it is common for people to ask for advice to restore hair color and encourage hair growth. This is not too surprising in today's world, as stress is considered the biggest factor in hair loss by natural healers, followed by severe malnutrition. Fortunately, it is also common for these to be reversed fairly quickly with natural remedies.

It is easy to restore hair color. Dr. Christopher had a very successful method of doing that. He used the same simple remedy with many people with great results. One in particular was a man from South America. In South America men do not lose their hair color very often. This particular man was very saddened that his jet black hair had gone white.

Dr. Christopher advised him to wash his hair with yarrow tea three times a week. Within a few months his hair color was restored. Needless to say he was quite happy!

The timeframe is almost always much less than a year, closer to three to six months. The tea is made by pouring 16 oz of boiling water over 1/2 ounce (2 Tablespoons) of the yarrow flowers (not bringing the flowers to a boil) and letting steep until cool, and straining.

If you would like to make the tea last longer, you might find it useful to turn it into a vinegar rinse. It will last several weeks this way. If you have never done a pure vinegar rinse before, it is an excellent way to make the hair silky soft. To do so, mix the 16 oz. of yarrow tea with 16 oz. of apple cider vinegar. To use it, rinse the hair with 1-2 cups of the liquid after shampooing, let it soak for 3 minutes or so, then rinse and use conditioner if you have it.

This alone has proven so effective with most cases we do little else to restore hair color.

Our next newsletter will provide a comprehensive herbal approach for baldness. See you next week!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

How to Feel Your Best Naturally Part IV

by Nelson - Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop

Feeling our best physically is a total reality if we are properly nourished. It is our bloodstream, our very river of life, that supplies our entire body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally. When it is both clean and filled with nutrients from proper diet, we feel full of vitality and strong.

Wouldn't we all like clear, supple skin? How great would it feel if problems such as acne, boils, tooth decay, and others became problems of the past? Many people today struggle needlessly with high blood pressure, heart problems, yeast overgrowth, anemia and all manner of afflictions that they probably could handle easily if the body was allowed a pure blood stream.

From a vitalistic perspective these each are most effectively approached through purification of the blood. The blood has a pretty good method of keeping itself clean. It maintains itself by dumping any old or toxic material it doesn't need into the liver, where the materials are rendered safe, recycled or put into bile. The blood is filtered through a phenomenally intricate process in the kidneys. If the kidneys, bowels or liver are overworked or backed up, the blood cannot get rid of these materials, and is forced to carry it until it can find someplace to store it or force it out.

So blood purification is most effectively approached by having good bowel, kidney and liver health, which is best maintained by diet. It is a good idea to clean the bloodstream, but only if these are in working order. If they aren't, and the blood is stimulated to cleanse itself, where is it going to put all the debris? You might end up sick as all the trash floats in the blood, having nowhere to go. That is why Dr. Christopher never let anyone take his incredibly potent Blood Stream Formula unless they had worked on these areas for the body for at least a week, and were eliminating regularly.

Lower Bowel, Kidney and Liver & Gallbladder Formula:

Make sure these areas are working before heavy blood cleansing

Blood Steam Formula:

This was Dr. Christopher's potent blood cleanser. Formulated to detoxify on a cellular level and build the blood.

Chapparel or Red Clover:

Two of the most powerful blood cleansing herbs.

Pau d'arco:

A blood cleanser that is anti-fungal by nature. A potent herbal approach to kill bacterial yeast or candida in the bloodstream.

Bugleweed (in Heavy Mineral Bugleweed formula):

Dr. Christopher had his patients take the Blood Stream Formula with the Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula in cases of heavy metal poisoning. Along with this, he had them take a 3 baths a week with a pound of Epsom salts per bath, spaced a day a part for three weeks, then rest a week.

Iron Assimilation Formula (Herbal Iron):

Formulated with yellowdock, one of the highest herbal sources of iron known. Yellowdock also cleanses the blood while it builds it. The formula is useful for enhancing the absorption of iron.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

How to Feel Your Best Naturally - Part III

by Nelson - Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop

No lifestyle would feel complete without emotional well being. We all know that emotions can affect our physical health. When we are at our emotional best, the joyous aspects of life can happen easy, without becoming a laborious process that we have to work incredibly hard for.

We may not be able to have any control over how other people treat us, what is happening politically, or how the economy is doing, but there is a good amount we can do to keep the stressful aspects of life from disturbing our emotional well being. One part of this is through our physical health. Even a really hard day can be processed and released with ease if the hormones are in balance.

The ancient Greeks considered the liver to be the seat of emotions. They would approach an emotional problem by tonifying the liver. With our modern day medical point of view, this made perfect sense. In addition to the task of neutralizing every poison in the body, it is the responsibility of the liver to break down the old hormones in the body.

Pure estrogen is so potent that it will eat the tissue off of the colon wall. The body is smart enough to know this. Probably the best example would be during the time a woman has her period. Suddenly, there is a huge spike in the amount of estrogen in her system. If her liver is swollen with toxic material to break down from diet, the hormones of depression from the fight earlier in the day, and other things, she may suddenly feel all that stress magnify as her overworked liver releases all of those old emotions and poisons so that it can put this otherwise volatile estrogen into bile.

We could not list the number of women who have reported there PMS to be a thing of the past after stabilizing their liver area. Men do not need to walk around feeling angry and violent for no apparent reason. How much easier is it to face the challenges of life when we are emotionally centered?

Foods and formulas:

  • Juice of half a lemon and 1 tablespoon of olive oil twice a day
  • Liver and gallbladder cleanse, especially useful when the gallbladder has stones present
  • Barberry: The mere taste of this herb will get the liver to secrete bile
  • Milk Thistle: Another potent liver cleanser
  • Liver & Gallbladder formula: Potent liver cleanse formulated to counteract potential nausea
  • Liver Transition Formula: Milder formula when dealing with cases of heavy drug use, alcoholism, etc.
  • Beets, carrots and dandelions: Natural liver cleansers

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Friday, June 4, 2010

How to Feel Your Best Naturally - Part II

by Nelson - Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop

Last week we looked at colon health for ultimate well being. Looking at heath from a vitalistic perspective (addressing the cause not the symptom, work with the body not against it, etc) the bowels and the kidneys provide the foundation for the bodies cleansing.

It is the job of the kidneys to filter the blood. If they are not overworked from a cumbersome diet, then they are able to keep the blood clean, taking an enormous task off of the rest of the rest of the body. When the body is overworked from refined foods, sodas or other impurities, the kidneys are responsible for eliminating them through the urinary tract. Having the kidneys in top order allows the body to remove a huge amount of unneeded materials easily through the urinary tract instead of through mucus in the lungs or pus through the skin.

Wonderfully enough, there are many delicious vegetables that greatly support kidney health. Cucumbers, carrots and parsley are all diuretics, and greatly support this system of the body. Indeed, we have had many cases where people have been in great pain, unable to void their urine, later making a quick sprint to the bathroom after drinking a cup of parsley tea.

When the kidneys have stones in them it is an incredibly painful condition. Wouldn't it be so much nicer to be rid of kidney problems naturally than through expensive surgery? I have witnessed people fall in love with these herbs because of their efficacy, simplicity and affordability.

I had an elderly woman ask me for herbal advice for a kidney problem. She was very poor, and could not afford even cheap supplements. I told her how to make Tabouli, which is a Lebanese salad, made mostly of parsley, and told her to eat it daily. The response I received from her later was a most heartwarming experience. Why not save some money and let simple raw vegetables contribute to our health?

Tabouli salad- 1-2 large bunches minced parsley, 2-3 tomatoes, scallions and mint to taste, marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt.


  • Kidney formula
  • Juniper berries (School of natural healing favorite)
  • Fresh cucumber
  • Hydrangea root (to help support kidneys when stones are present)

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