Friday, May 28, 2010

How to Feel Your Best Naturally!

by Nelson - Dr. Christopher's Herb Shop

Having a healthy body is imperative for total well being. Fortunately, our bodies naturally move towards wellness when they have the materials to do so and a clean environment.

Cleansing is the most important aspect of natural healing, because the body cannot be nourished or healed unless it has the right environment to do so. The most effective cleanses always start at the same place: the bowels. Regardless of whether the area needing attention is the liver, lungs, blood stream or otherwise, it is critical to start with the bowels. Why? Because the bowels is your body's main channel of elimination, and if it is not in top condition, then neither is anything else.

If you attempt to cleanse without cleansing the bowels, your body will release toxins into your system that you will not be able to get rid of without making yourself sick. In fact, it has been proven countless times that cleaning the bowels can take such strain off the rest of the body that colds, flu, skin disorders and other diseases go away simply because they no longer have anything else to feed on!

Rather than simply purge the bowels with conventional laxatives (which weaken the bowels over time), cleanse and nourish it at the same time so that it is able to function optimally and independently. Herbs (such as those in Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel Formula) can both cleanse and strengthen the bowels. We'll only feel our best if our diets and cleanses keep this in mind!

Herbal Formulas:

· ½ part Cascara Sagrada and 2 parts Barberry (may help feed peristaltic action of bowels and helps liver secrete bile)

· Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel Formula (Herbal support for cleansing bowel and intestines, killing infection, curbing nausea and gas)

· 1 part catnip 1 part fennel (Herbal support to help cleanse and relax bowel, curb gas)

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